Skatization of the Christian West! Screenprint // 50×40 cm // 75 prints numbered and signed Buy it!


Siebdruck ist wichtiger als Deutschland Screenprint // 35x45cm// 96 numbered and signed prints Buy It!


To my 35th birthday we booked Nervosas from Ohio which turned out to be a good idea! Thank you Mickey, Nick, Didi and Jeff! Screenprint // ca. 40x50cm  (delivered 36×51) // 40 numbered and signed prints Buy It!


I finished printing these when MDC started to play their first song the room next door. I didn’t sell any this night but it looked like I made some guys from SF very happy. Arno, Ron, Dave – this one’s for you! Screenprint // 30x40cm (delivered 62x44cm) // 32 numbered and signed prints Buy It!


Our Berlin friends released their first record so we invited some people. Screenprint // 40x50cm // 33 numbered and signed prints Buy It!

The Factory

We press some good vinyl records now and then. In this printed ad you can see how it’s done. Pretty easy and a whole lot of fun! Also available as a screenprinted poster // 72×51 cm // 16 copies numbered and signed Buy It!