Jake La Botz!

Gig Poster for a very cozy yet rocking Jake La Botz show in Aachen back in 2017. For your memorabilia collection… Screen Print // 50×70 cm // limited to 38 signed prints Buy It!

Don’t Care

I really don’t…I also like the german version “Mir wurst” very much. Still needs to be printed though. Screen Print // 30×40 cm // signed Buy It!

Dr. Gee’s

A fun little logo I did for an impregnation wax company straight outta Bonn.


Fuck zionism. Fuck militarism. Fuck americanism. Fuck nationalism.Fuck religion. Screenprint // 50×50 cm // 42 prints numbered and signed Buy It!


Skatization of the Christian West! Screenprint // 50×40 cm // 75 prints numbered and signed Buy it!


Christian ‘Cool Cat’ Heise is a really nice guy whose (social) activities around his company Never Enough Skateboards really deserve to be supported! No doubt I’m in when he asks for new designs once in a while – especially if it’s a deck for Bones Brigade legend Kevin Harris.


The Portland connection. These guys play in every band. Screenprint //  38×47 cm // 30 prints numbered and signed  Buy It!


It’s always great fun to meet those guys for a shoey or two. Screenprint //  38×48 cm // 40 prints numbered and signed Buy It!


Bartender! Three more beeeeer! Screenprint on wood // 30x20cm // 27 copies numbered and signed Buy It!